Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Reuben Dip

Did you make too much corned beef for St. Patrick's Day? Need a good snack for watching the NCAA tournament? Make reuben dip (but be sure to save some of that corned beef for hash)! 

The reuben sandwich is a grilled sandwich of layered pastrami or corned beef, sauerkraut and Swiss cheese on rye; topped with Russian or Thousand Island dressing. It has a much-storied history as to its origins; several legends exist as to who actually invented it. The most popular story claims that, in 1914, Arnold Reuben, Jr., the son of Reuben's Delicatessen owner Arnold Reuben, Sr., created the sandwich for a hungry actress named Anna Selos. However, it is also claimed that, in 1925, Reuben Kulakofsky, a grocer in Nebraska, created the sandwich for his weekly poker group. 

I'm a huge fan of reubens; people who know me personally know of my love for a good sandwich. Especially one covered in kraut, doused in tangy dressing, and served on rye! I spent the better part of a year searching the Birmingham area for a decent area; this search came to a screeching halt once Max's Delicatessen opened. I absolutely will NOT get a reuben anywhere else now (seriously, local folks, give Max's a try if you haven't already. Tell Steve that Julia sent you. And bring me back some cheesecake.). 

This recipe is ALL over the internet; it can be made on the stovetop or in a slow-cooker, and the only difference I've ever seen among all of the recipes is quantity. The ingredients are always pretty much the same. These are the measurements I like to use. If you want to make this in a slow-cooker, simply combine the ingredients in a slow-cooker and cook on LOW for about 3-4 hours or until all of the cheese has melted. 

Reuben Dip

1 cup sauerkraut, drained
8 oz (1 cup) corned beef, chopped
1 8-oz package cream cheese, softened
1 8-oz block Swiss cheese, shredded (2 cups)
1/2 cup Russian or Thousand Island dressing
Rye chips for serving

Combine the sauerkraut, corned beef, cream cheese, Swiss cheese & dressing in a heavy-bottomed pan. Cook over medium-low heat until the cheese has fully melted and the dip is heated through. 

Serve with toasted rye chips or crackers.

I like to make this dip on the stovetop, and then transfer it to a "Little Dipper" to keep warm. 


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