Friday, October 5, 2012

How to Make Perfect Scrambled Eggs

When I was a kid, I would only eat eggs ONE way - scrambled and with an embarrassing amount of ketchup. I've now broadened my egg horizons, from frittatas to omelets to sunny-side up eggs, but I still love a plate of good scrambled eggs. Nowadays though, I skip the ketchup, though I won't turn down a few drops of soy sauce or Sriracha! 

For me, the perfect scrambled eggs have to be VERY fluffy, uniformly yellow, and soft yet still moist. Thankfully, scrambled eggs are super easy to make at home, as long as you keep a few things in mind - keep your heat low, fold gently, and pull your pan from the heat BEFORE the eggs are completely done. 

I'm actually pretty picky about my scrambled eggs, and find that a LOT of places tend to overcook their eggs into rubbery crumbles. I've had seriously undercooked eggs, and NOBODY likes sloppy, slimy eggs:

Once you master plain scrambled eggs, kick it up by adding vegetables or meats, or try your hand at migas! 

Scrambled Eggs

6 eggs, room temperature
6 Tbsp full-fat (whole) milk or cream
1 Tbsp unsalted butter
Kosher salt
Freshly cracked pepper

Combine the eggs and milk or cream in a small bowl and whisk together vigorously. Whisking incorporates air into the egg mixture, which yields lighter, fluffier scrambled eggs. 

Melt the butter in a non-stick skillet over medium-low heat until it begins to bubble. 

Add the egg mixture and cook for about 30 seconds or until the bottom JUST begins to set, then increase the heat to medium. Never cook scrambled eggs any higher than medium heat! 

Next, gently push one edge of the egg to the center of the skillet with a silicone spatula while tilting the pan; you want to let the liquid egg flow in underneath. Repeat with the other side. The eggs will begin to form curds and thicken up. Keep folding and turning the eggs with the spatula without breaking up the eggs. 

I find it REALLY helpful to take the pan off of the burner every so often while folding; this keeps me from cooking the eggs too quickly! 

The eggs are done once there is no more liquid in the bottom of the pan; they should look under-done (if they appear done in the pan, they will end up overdone when served, as the eggs will continue to cook after being removed from the heat). Overcooking is probably the number one mistake people make when cooking scrambled eggs! The scrambled eggs should be uniformly yellow; any browning means that the eggs are overcooked or even burnt. The eggs should be moist/shiny, soft and lofty. 

Season the eggs with salt & pepper at the very end; adding salt earlier, before the eggs are cooked, will break down the eggs and make them watery. If you want to add cheese to your eggs, do so now. 

Easy, huh? 


  1. Sriracha is good stuff but I'm going to put in a plug for either Crystal or Cholula. Less heat, yes, but good flavor. Even Denny's here in Houston offers Cholula as a standard condiment. The regular stuff is good but I often bring either Chili & Lime or Chipotle Cholula with me. The one is, obviously, more acidic, and the chipotle is a little bit fruity and smoky.

    (No, I don't work for, or own stock in, Cholula. Or Crystal. I just like them.)

    1. I actually always have a bottle of Crystal around as well - it's my preferred "Louisiana" hot sauce, over Tabasco!

  2. This looks just like how my mom used to make 'em. My husband is a very good cook until it comes to scrambled eggs. He just cant do it right and I've never been able to show him how before. Thanks Julia!

  3. I'll be 60 this year and I STILL won't eat a fried egg of any kind. I only recently tried egg salad and managed to finish the sandwich. My father LOVED fried egg sandwiches, but I've never liked the flavor contrast between the whites and yolks. The eggs you show here look stunningly good!! I'm now wanting scrambled eggs. LOL

    1. If you try them, please let me know what you think! Thanks!

  4. LOVE the reference to The Dancing Outlaw!! I burst out laughing as soon as I read it. I'm going to give these eggs a try tomorrow morning with some red chili peppers and goat cheese crumbles :-) -Tekesha @

    1. Ha! Jesco is full of amazing soundbites, isn't he? I actually saw him and his 'daincin' when he came to Birmingham about a year and a half ago!

      Hope you enjoy the eggs!