Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Oh, Facebook...

Sigh. Facebook just LOVES to spring those unannounced changes on us, don't they??

Recently, I learned that Facebook has made some changes to their pages. Now, if you have "liked" I Believe I Can Fry on Facebook, you may or may not see my new posts in your news feed. Basically, only about 10-15% of my followers will get to see my posts. If I want more people to see a post, I have to pay Facebook to "promote" my post and page. Me pay Facebook? That's unpossible!

So, if you aren't seeing all of my posts, that's why.

Seriously, I'm too broke to pay Facebook for promotions. This page is just me, cooking and sharing what I prepare. I don't have any sponsors, I'm not getting paid, and the cost of all the groceries and everything comes out of my own pocket. The little bit of ad revenue I DO get (it's NOT a lot, trust me) helps offset the cost of the domain/linked Flickr account

Anyway, back to Facebook. You can TRY to get more of my posts in your feed by going to  my page, clicking on the little gear symbol just to the right of "Like", and selecting "Add to Interest Lists" or "Add to my Favorites". Supposedly, this is supposed to ensure that you won't miss any of my posts, but many other bloggers have noticed that this isn't a guarantee. 

Basically, the only way to GUARANTEE that every Facebook user who has "liked" my page sees all of my posts in their news feed is to pay. 

Luckily, you can skirt Facebook and subscribe to I Believe I Can Fry via RSS Feed or email. With email, you don't need a Reader; I make a new post, you get a new email message. Simple as that.  Just go to the main page and look over to the right, just under the Facebook widget. You won't get spammed; all you'll get from me are new posts! 

I don't have a Twitter account; I tried it a few times, and it's just, eh, not for me. Sorry, y'all. I'll keep linking all of my new posts on the Facebook page, but just know there's other ways to get my posts too! 

- Julia


  1. People can also add it as an "Interest" on facebook, and then click the Interest link on the bottom left of their page.

  2. Forget that Facebook. If anyone likes to follow your blog, one can use RSS-feed (and there are a lot of free feed readers out there or plugins to integrate in the browser). This is the way I read the blogs for years.


    1. I LOVE getting all my feeds in Google Reader. Also, LOVE your site!