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This Mexican hot corn dip recipe is easy and flavorful

Cheesy, Flavorful Hot Corn Dip

In our house, football is everything. Growing up in Texas, a love of football is instilled from an early age, and now that we live in Philadelphia, I’ve adopted a second team (it’s only a small problem that they’re huge rivals). All this football means a need for game-watching snacks both at home and that …

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The best lasagna soup recipe I've ever tried, it includes ground beef and ground sausage

One-Pot Lasagna Soup

If you love Italian food, you may enjoy this incredibly easy one pot lasagna soup recipe. It has quickly become a favorite at our house! My mother-in-law is an excellent cook and she grew up cooking for her nine siblings, parents, and a large extended family. Early in our marriage, my husband would compare my …

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Delicious fire and ice pickles (aka a Christmas pickle recipe) are delicious and very easy to make

Fire and Ice Pickles

A few years ago, I encountered a tasty treat unlike anything I had ever tried before–fire and ice pickles. Despite the evocative name, these are really just sweet and spicy pickles (not hot, just spicy). After years of searching, I finally discovered a sweet and spicy pickle recipe that matched the flavors I remembered. In …

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Looking for great vegetarian Indian food? Try this delicious aloo gobi recipe of cauliflower and potato curry

Indian Aloo Gobi

Growing up in the South, my diet was—as one might imagine—a lot of Southern food. There was barbecue, grits, tomato sandwiches, and the occasional grilled chicken thrown in for good measure. The furthest away we ventured when it came to food was usually Tex-Mex. When I moved to New York for college and discovered our …

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Try this grilled Hawaiian BBQ chicken recipe for a flavorful, filling dinner

Grilled Hawaiian BBQ Chicken

Grilled Hawaiian BBQ chicken is one of the most perfect foods. Like Southern tomato sandwiches and banana pudding, this Hawaiian chicken recipe is the thing to have in the summer. The umami of soy sauce combined with the sweetness of fresh pineapple and brown sugar strikes just the right balance of flavors. But why should …

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