Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Mushroom Swiss Burgers

As a kid, I HATED mushrooms. I thought they were DISGUSTING. Mom & Dad always said that I'd change my mind about certain foods when I got older, and they were right. I hate tomatoes & cucumbers as well; now they are some of my FAVORITE foods.

As an adult, I absolutely LOVE mushrooms when on a burger; the mushroom & Swiss burger is pretty common these days, available at pretty much any burger joint. I think Atlanta's
Todd Brock said it best:

" A mushroom and Swiss burger is like a bass solo: earthy, primal, something you feel in your lower register. It's totally cool and makes you bob your head up and down, but there are no high notes to make you play air guitar or throw up devil horns for. A mushroom and Swiss burger always leaves me wanting to hear some sweet Stratocaster licks or a few cymbal crashes to round things out, like you might get with bacon and American cheese"

The BEST mushroom & Swiss burgers, though, in my opinion, come from Hardee's & Dairy Queen, with Dairy Queen narrowly beating out Hardee's. 

Why Dairy Queen?? They don't simply top their burger with mushrooms; they make a thick, beefy mushroom gravy, which gets generously ladled atop the burger.

Even though there is a Dairy Queen not 5 minutes from here, sometimes they can get a bit stingy with the mushroom gravy. And their fries are terrible. Plus, it's SUPER easy to recreate their Mushroom Swiss GrillBurger at home!

Feel free to cook your burgers however you please; though I like the taste of a burger cooked on the grill, to me, NOTHING beats an at-home stovetop burger, cooked in an iron skillet.

Mushroom Swiss Burgers
adapted from Becky Bopp via BlogChef.net

1 cup mayonnaise
1/4 tsp black pepper
1 lb ground beef, formed into four 1/4-lb patties
4 slices Swiss cheese
1 can condensed golden mushroom or beefy mushroom soup
1 jar sliced mushrooms, drained
1 tsp Worcestershire sauce
4 hamburger buns

Combine the Lawry's seasoning salt and black pepper. Season the hamburger patties with this mixture, then grill (or cook on the stovetop in a cast iron skillet) until done.

Place one Swiss cheese slice atop each patty. I like to steam the patties after adding the cheese; simply pour a few tablespoons of water into the pan, then cover with a lid. Let steam for 30-60 seconds to allow the cheese to melt.

At the same time, combine the canned soup, mushrooms & Worcestershire sauce in a small pot; bring to a boil, reduce heat, and let simmer while the burgers are cooking.

Spread the mayo on the heel of a hamburger bun; top with a Swiss-topped burger. Spoon on some of the prepared mushroom sauce, then cap with the top of the hamburger bun, adding more mayo if desired.


  1. your blog is AWESOME! i cant wait to try all of your ideas!

  2. Julia - thank you for linking this in to Food on Friday: Mushrooms. Hope you have a lovely weekend

  3. Making them now ...looking great thanks for recipe

  4. Julia, thanks for your lovely links in to Food on Friday - burggers. I am getting so hungry reading all the recipes! Cheers

  5. There is something missing from the sauce, I was hoping it would taste like... spot on similar

  6. I don think its the sauce thats off. Dairy queen uses a garlic mayo. Just a little garlic powder and its pretty close!